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FAQ for Controllers and Software


What is the synchronous and asynchronous system?

Synchronous system means that there must be a server to provide video source to the LED screen. Asynchronous system means that just need one controller with memory card to provide video source to LED screen.

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Do you have wireless control system ? how to operate ?

Yes. Generally, it is for asynchronous system. 

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Can the laptop control the LED screen, how to connect ?

Yes, HDMI, DP or DVI connection.

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What is the controller do you use ? What are the types of controllers ? please list them.

Nova controller. MCTRL 300, MCTRL 660, MCTRL 4K.

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How to connect the controllers to LED screens ?

RJ 45 cables

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How to connect the video processor with other equipment?

Some different ports: HDMI, VGA, DVI, DP, SDI, etc.

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