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FAQ for LED Screen Testing


What kind of test will you have before delivery?

Aging test for at least 72 hours.

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How would you take the high and low temperature test?

Put the modules in the tester to test the working modules from -20°to +50°

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How long will you test the whole screen?

3 days.

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How would you make sure the screens keep the color uniformity when arriving the site?

We will do color inspection before delivery. If it is not good, we will do color calibration.

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How do you make sure the screen will work well after 2 years?

1. high quality materials and good technology. 2. regular maintenance.

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How would you take the vibration test?

Use vibration tester to test the panels before delivery.

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What kind of problems are the most frequently occurred in aging test?

LED failure.

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How would you guarantee the accessories are all OK?

Test all accessories before packing them.

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