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FAQ for Pre-sale Service


What is your LED brands?

Nationstar, Nichia, Cree, Mainly use Nationstar Gold Led.

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Do you provide the installation service for the project?

Generally, we can send our engineers to your location to guide the screen installation with charge.

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What is the warranty of projects?

Generally 2 year. Extended warranty provided with charge. 

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Do you have any controller and software provided?

Yes, we provide controller and software, which from nova or color light. 

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Do you provide any training for client to operate the LED screen?

Yes. We provide training service for different products and schedule.

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What kind of training will you provide?

You can send your engineers to our factory. We provide one-week training for your engineers. Or, we can train your engineers online.

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What is the training plan?

Generally, we start the training one week before delivery.

1, how to install the frame ? 

2, how to install the controller and power supply units ?

3, how to install the led tiles ?

4, how to connect the whole system to light up?

5, how to debugging the system ?

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How much for one engineer per day on site for oversea projects ?

750$ per day per engineer.

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