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What is the brightness, viewing angle, and wavelength of LED?

Luminous Intensity is equal to the amount of luminous flux emitted into a very small solid angle at a defined angular orientation from the light source. The measurement for luminous intensity is the candela. Symbol is Iv.

Viewing Angle is the total cone angle in degrees encompassing the central, high luminous intensity portion of the LED beam from the on-axis peak to the off-axis point where the LED intensity is 50% of the on-axis intensity. This off-axis point is known as theta one-half (θ1/2). Two times θ1/2 is the LEDs’full viewing angle; however, light is visible beyond theθ1/2 point. Wavelength is the distance between two points of corresponding phase and is equal to waveform velocity divided by frequency. It defines what color human eyes could recognize.

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What is the dominant wavelength, please specify the rand of wavelength in R/G/B separately?

Dominant wavelength is defined as the best range of wavelength showing the most natural color recognized by human eyes. Researches indicate that fixed colors with wavelength of 620-630nm (red), 520-530nm (green) and 460-470nm (blue), in fact mixed in a particular proportion, can get the pure white. That is, in display field, people use luminous materials with above wavelength to make “compounded”white more natural. In order to get a good balance white led display, we specify the led colors with wavelength within 4nm for each color.

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What is the chip size for your LED screens generally

9mil for red, 12mil for green and blue are currently adopted.

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How much will the brightness of LED drop down after 1000hrs?

Based on the result of aging test, the brightness decay of green LED is around 5%-8%, while blue is around 10%-14% and red is around 5%-8%.

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What is the lifetime of LED displays ?

50,000-100,000 hours at 50% brightness

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How do you ensure the color and brightness eveness of LED screen?

Before packing, all LED lamps will be sorted into preset bins based on appointed wavelength, brightness and voltage. Since the spacing of rightness and wavelength is narrow, for instance we supply 1:1.1 for spacing of brightness while Nichia offers 1:1.4; we can make color and brightness of LED screen look consistency and evenness by adopting those selected LED lamps.

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Can you still offer us the same batch LED tiles after long time from the first order ?

We'll trace the archive files for the record of first order, definitely it will be of great help to use same parameter LED lamps. However, it is still hard for us to make exact same modules since LED lamps would be slight different with previous ones more or less. Let's say 80%-90% match.

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What is the material of LED frame? Gold or cooper ?

It is made from die-casting aluminum and iron. Totally two layers. 

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