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6 New Ideas for LED Video Wall Content

Video walls are used as a communication medium, advertising agent, and an investment for the concerned brand. Important information is broadcasted on video walls to facilitate awareness of a specific item. Using LED video walls is only efficient if the content is right. Content plays a major role in eliciting engagement from customers or the target group. It is a form of digital signage that is trending and several companies are embracing this idea.

There are a variety of ideas for LED video wall content that will improve customers’ experience.

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LED Movie Schedule

In events, conference buildings, universities, and others, having a proper schedule is crucial for programs to run as planned. Some people might forget their assigned tasks, hence designing the schedule into a digital format makes them adhere to the planned activities. LED video displays to allow customization making the wall content appealing to the employees, students, or attendees.  

Also, LED technology has updating capabilities meaning you can change the organization whenever needed and still keep your audience in the loop.

Weather Updates

LED Display Weather Updates
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Weather updates have been among the most common content displayed digitally. The only difference with the current digital content is that it has been upgraded to include several features enabling viewers to plan their day properly. Weather updates as LED video wall content enable viewers to have access to weather predictions easily and fast, hence they can make their decision on clothing, the day’s activities, and transportation.

Today’s weather forecasting is very detailed and has the capabilities to predict weather even for the smallest areas with accurate information. It is made more appealing when using LED video technology. Viewers can maintain attention since the videos have a high resolution.

Restaurant Menus

Restaurant Menus on LED Display
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Displaying your food and drinks menus on a video wall in the restaurant has come in handy to many restaurant owners. When customers come into your restaurant, they want to have easy access to the food and drinks available plus their prices so they can decide on what to eat. If the menus are displayed on a screen where anyone can see them with ease, it will boost your reviews and increase revenues.

There are several benefits of displaying menus on LED videos walls;

Increase menu visibility

It is very convenient

The menus are flexible hence permit modification

Facilitates communication

Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts
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Informing people about dangers in a certain area is crucial for their health and safety. In industries prone to hazards such as construction, mining, medical, research institutes, and so on, these safety measures should be displayed in a way that can reach many people at once. Safety alerts can be designed for use in video walls making them captivating and memorable for the concerned crowd. 

Safety alerts such as exit doors, fire extinguishers, personal protective equipment, and the procedures on how to use them are better highlighted using video displays. Safety is a vital issue that needs to be prioritized.

Donation Trackers

Donation Tracking
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Various organizations hold charity events that require people to donate to boost them. These events usually help the underprivileged in society hence the funds must be handled with utmost transparency. LED video displays make this possible so that all investors and interested parties can track their donations to avoid any conflicts or mismanagement of funds. They can also be used to encourage more contributions by setting a target and displaying for the crowd to view the progress.

Polling Results

Polling Results in LED Display
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When conducting surveys and gathering information about a particular subject, you will encounter different opinions from people. The best way to include all these data is by incorporating software that aids the process. You can also engage the audience by displaying the polls on a LED video wall. By doing this, every opinion is valued and contributes to the final report. This is a great content idea especially for research institutes, education centers, and government offices.


Using LED technology in your business has several benefits that boost your profits and promote your brand. However, there might be challenges on the type of content to include. The above ideas are some of the simplest but efficient ways of using the LED video wall to display your content. Contact Viewpoint anytime for more information on LED technology and how to integrate it into your business.

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