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LED Display

Nowadays, a good deal of electronic devices applies LED display screens as an interaction medium between the user and the system. LED is a two-lead semiconductor light source. Viewpointec offers basically five types of LED display design. The following is a demonstration of our high-quality LED displays for sale, including standard LED display and custom LED display. You can click in for details if you want to buy LED screen.

LED Display Categories

Viewpointec supplies a full range of both standard and custom LED display, including flexible LED screen, flat LED screen, 360 LED display, mini LED panel, etc. Our product quality far deserves the LED display cost that you’ve spent. Browse the products to get details. To get LED display screen price, please contact us.

  • AmFlexPro Series

    Flexible LED display panels consist of the premium PCB and rubber material which are soft and can be installed in different sizes and shapes.

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  • AmRigidPro Series

    This LED display design allows a wide and smooth view. The available pitch is 1.25 mm–6 mm, suitable for indoor use. It can meet your needs for high-resolution LED displays which also have the advantages of flat LED screen.

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  • Immersive Dome&Globe

    Featuring a wide range of pixel pitch options and aspect ratios, our custom LED screen can provide you with a unique video display and make you more engaged.

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  • Mini-LED Screen

    With the advantages of high brightness and contrast, our mini LED display is suitable for fields of cinema display and home theater display.

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  • Cabinet LED Screen

    Viewpointec can provide specially-designed standard LED screen or custom LED display that will match your unique requirements.

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  • Custom LED Screen

    Viewpointec supplies high-quality custom LED screen. Whatever your projects and requirements, we are sure to provide you with the perfect solution.

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