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Curved LED Screen

See AmFlexPro in Action

AmFlex Pro series, a fine pitch flexible LED system, unleashing your creativity and design outside the box with modular tiles, can be arranged seamlessly in limitless ways and builds your display in any shape or size, not only meeting the natural aesthetics with individuality, but also bringing most utility functions to show more information in limited space. Corners, curves, giant video walls, ribbons, and pillars – it’s all possible with AmFlex Pro LED system.

AmFlexPro Series

Flexible LED Screen

Designed for any indoor conditions, AmFlexPro series LED display modules are manufactured by high-quality rubber and exceptional high-quality LEDs that are presorted and graded exclusively for us, together with a proprietary design that doesn’t sacrifice image quality.

AmFlexPro Series

Lighter, Thinner Panel Display

AmFlexPro series LED display come with super light weight&ultra thin design, 7.6mm thickness and 25kg/sqm, easy handling in transportation and installation, reduce labor cost much.

Lighter, Thinner Panel Display

Curvable Design

Curvable Design
  • Convex

    Convex Min Radius = 1.5m

    Qty of Module = 24tiles

    Small Radius screen needs to be customized.

  • Concave

    Concave Min Radius = 0.75m 

    Qty of Module = 12 tiles 

    Small Radius screen needs to be customized.

Nature curve by AmFlexPro

Nature curve by AmFlexPro

2-5 degree curve by flat panel

2-5 degree curve by flat panel

AmFlexPro is designed to make seamless and smooth natural curve.

AmFlexPro series LED display brings limitless possibility to designers and architects.

It is a flexible and bendable LED technology that frees designers and architects to make their concepts stand out in unlimited installations.

Creative Audience Engagement

  • Waves


    The wave-like installations create a fantastic space with the bendable, ultra-slim, lightweight LED technology.

  • Staircase


    Digitalize your staircases to bring more people into your structure—an innovative way to enhance the shopping mall or commercial building environment.

  • 360° Sphere

    360° Sphere

    Go beyond to have a 3D HD LED Sphere to see it all the way, bringing an immersive experience to audiences.

  • Crossroad/Twisted


    The looping shape invites viewers to explore artworks from different angles, and visually extend the experience of the display – going “off screen”.

  • G Clef

    G Clef

    A flip of musical animation, on the “G-clef” shaped led video display, enhances the sense of art, allowing the feelings of people, as well as the art form of social life, to be poured out.

  • S Shape

    S Shape

    Flex enables irregular design in any size and shape. It gives a 3D feel and adds an innovative present to digital content.

High-Resolution Display

High-Resolution Display
  • High-resolution Pitch Options

    Resolution is often the key feature in most LED applications. The Fine pitch is one of the LED designs with the highest resolution on the market.

    Pitch Options

  • Pixel Calibration

    Your tiles are calibrated directly dot by dot to help the screen color uniformity and insure the perfect color and brightness of your led screens.

Outstanding Visual Performance

AmFlexPro series LED display offer superior image performance with its high brightness, high contrast and wide color gamut, to assure a better vision experience in different enviroment.

Outstanding Visual Performance

Super Wide Viewing Angle

AmFlexPro series LED display own 160° super wide viewing angle in horizontal and vertical

Super Wide Viewing Angle

Flexible Construction

  • Customized Tiles

    Customized Tiles

    AmFlexPro series come in a standard size of 400x300mm, but can be customized and trimmed to create angled tiles to meet the need for more creative LED video designs.

  • Customized Frames

    Customized Frames

    AmFlexPro series can be magnetized to adhere well to virtually any surface. With each project being unique, the Flex-specific framing structure is designed and manufactured to accomplish your unique design and deployment.

  • Magnetic Module

    Magnetic Module

    The slim and lightweight magnetic module can fit any design and adhere to any custom frame. It requires very little space for wiring and mounting.

Reliable Power Management

The independent power box can be put away maximum 10 meters from the screen.

The power supply unit can be attached with the screen per customized project's demands.

Reliable Power Management

Easy Installation&Maintenance

AmFlexPro series LED display installation and maintenance are simple and convenient from front or rear,  no professinal skill is needed, save maintenance time and cost.

Easy Installation&Maintenance

Multiple Installation Modes

  • Concave


  • Convex


  • Stand on Floor

    Stand on Floor

  • Hanging


  • on Wall/Desk

    on Wall/Desk

  • Customization


More Information
  • Specification
  • Accessories
  • Downloads
ItemAFP 1.25AFP 1.5625AFP 1.667AFP 1.923AFP 2.5AFP 3.1AFP 4.1667AFP 6.25
Resolution160*240pixels256x192pixels240x180pixels208x156pixels160x120pixels128x96pixels96x72pixels64×48 pixels
Physical Density640,000pixels/m²409,600pixels/m²360,000pixels/m²270400pixels/m²160000pixels/m²102,400pixels/m²57,600pixels/m²25,600 pixels/m²
LED arrangementSMD3in1
Driver modeConstant Current
View Angle160°H/ 160°V160°H/ 160°V160°H/ 160°V160°H/ 160°V160°H/ 160°V160°H/ 160°V160°H/ 160°V160°H/ 160°V
Min View Distance(m/ft)1.25m/4.1ft1.79m/5.87ft1.79m/5.87ft1.79m/5.87ft1.79m/5.87ft2.15/7.05ft2.86/9.38ft4.3m/14.1ft
Refresh rate1920-3840Hz
Operation Power100- 240VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
Max Power Consumption625W /m²625W /m²625W /m²625W /m²625W /m²480W /m²480W /m²480W /m²
Average Power Consumption250W /m²250W /m²250W /m²250W /m²250W /m²160W /m²160W /m²160W /m²
Operating Temp.0° ~+ 40°
Operating Humidity10 – 95 % RH
Operating Life≥50,000Hrs
Protection Levelindoor only
Mini Radus≥ 1.5m (4.92ft)≥ 0.75m (2.46ft)≥ 0.75m (2.46ft)≥ 0.75m (2.46ft)≥ 0.75m (2.46ft)≥ 0.75m (2.46ft)≥ 0.75m (2.46ft)≥ 0.75m (2.46ft)
Installation TypeFixed

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  • Receiver
  • Power Supply
    Power Supply
  • AC Power Cable
    AC Power Cable
  • Signal Cable
    Signal Cable
  • DC Power Cable
    DC Power Cable
Product Testings
  • Screen Aging Testing - 72 Hours

    Screen Aging Testing - 72 Hours

  • Color Calibration

    Color Calibration

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