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Custom Size Flexible LED Display Screen

A flexible LED display is made of the premium PCB and rubber material. Extremely soft, suitable for creative installations in any size and shape. Features compact design, 7.6 mm thickness and magnetic connections. Flex led display is easily fixed anywhere, including shopping centers, hotels, stadiums, etc. Among flexible led screen manufacturers, Viewpointec is sure to supply the perfect solution of LED flex screen.

Featured Flexible LED Display Screens

A revolutionary flexible led screen display to apply for any applications from simple curve to complicated sculpture, from commercial to art, customize your designs to identify your personality. See our flexible led screen for sale:

  • AmFlexPro Series
  • AmFlexPro Series

    AmFlex Pro series, a fine pitch flexible LED system, unleashing your creativity and design outside the box with modular tiles, can be arranged seamlessly in limitless ways and builds your display in any shape or size, not only meeting the natural aesthetics with individuality, but also bringing most utility functions to show more information in limited space. Corners, curves, giant video walls, ribbons, and pillars – it’s all possible with AmFlex Pro LED system.

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Why Choose Flexible LED Screen

Flexible led display presents the most modern and cost-effective long-term investment due to:

  • Energy Efficiency

    LED technology of the flexible video screen is currently the most energy-efficient way to produce light with the lowest possible power consumption and waste heat output.

  • Longevity

    The flexible LED screen maintains its typical brightness levels for 14 years, with the 10-hours-per-day activity. This means that the brightness of the LEDs on the screen will drop to half from the original levels.

  • High Feasibility of Creativity

    Architects prefer curved LED display over flat screens because of their high adaptability which allows them to be easily fitted into different constructions. While preserving all the properties of a normal LED screen, the "flexible" module may fit into any shape. Custom size led screen is available.

  • Minimizing Logistics

    Lightweight body and slim module of flexible led monitor make it possible to reduce logistic loads, for whatever venue or application clients need it for.

Flexible LED Display Design

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