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Custom LED Display for Impactful 360° Viewing

Flexible LED projects and creative LED lighting find their fulfillment in our creative LED display screens. We offer a wide range of pixel pitch options and aspect ratios ensuring that in addition to providing you with a unique video display. Your content will be as engaging as you imagined through our 360 led display.

Featured Panoramic 360° LED Display

An innovative in full dome led visualization technology, incorporating LED tiles directly into the surface of the dome frame, turning it into a dynamic video screen that is superior to projector solutions in brightness, contrast, sound-transparency, and flexible sizes and shapes.

  • LED Dome System

    LED Dome System

    Full domes, half dome, or partial dome at different sizes.

    Customized radius and shapes per demands.

    1.667mm to 10mm pixel pitchs available by customization.

    8K, 12K, to 22K resolutions.

    Sound transparency to ensure a clear sound experience.

    Front and rear access to maintain the system.

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  • LED Globe System

    LED Globe System

    Full globe, half globe or partial globe at different sizes.                      

    Customized different sizes and shapes are available.                          

    1.667mm to 10mm pixel pitchs available by customization.

    8K, 10K, 12K, to 22K resolutions.       

    Front and rear access to maintain the system. 

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Characteristics of 360° LED Screen

Viewpointec's 360 LED video displays are with the following excellent features:

Full-domes and full spheres at various sizes

Custom radius and shapes: vertically aligned, tilted or half dome

Same LED Panels fit LED Dome and LED Globe of the same size

Qualified self-supporting steel structure

Greater visitor and ride system positioning flexibility

Pixel pitches of LED panels ranging from P2.5mm to P6mm available

Acoustically transparent LED panel to ensure a clear, precise and linear sound experience

Lifetime image alignment: consistent image quality in resolution, brightness, contrast, and color space

Reduced operational costs due to its instant power up/down plus reduced allowance for the procedure

Remain both front and rear access to maintenance

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