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Mini-LED Screen

The advantages of mini LED display are high-cost performance, reality, and wide view angles. The small led display screen is 1/10 size of the traditional LED chip to save the cost of the package. As a professional mini LED manufacturer, we adopt highly integrated micro LED technology and manufacturing technique, anti-dust, anti-damage, leading HDR display technology to experience better.

Mini-LED Screen

Featuring high brightness and contrast, the Viewpointec mini LED screen display has a chance to compete with the OLED technology in segments of cinema display and home theater display.

Mini-LED Screen

What's the Significance of Our Innovation

Utilizing the ultra-low reflection black technology, the Viewpintec small flexible LED screen provides a high contrast ratio. Small led display will bring a super visual experience from any viewing direction. The optimized structural design ensures it fits perfectly in any application scenario. When mounted together, multiple Mini LED panel could create a large video wall to replace the traditional TV.

Ultra-High Protection and Resolution Features

  • Broadcast
  • Simulation
  • Theme Park
    Theme Park
  • 3D Theatre
    3D Theatre
  • Airport
  • Sports
  • Museum
  • Planetarium
Ultra-High Protection and Resolution Features
  • Cost-Effectiveness

    The chip size of the mini LED screen is 30-100 micron, which is just 1/10 of traditional chipset, saving a lot of cost of material. Meanwhile, Mini-LED was soldered directly on PCB board, saving the packing cost, shorten the manufacture process, and cost, improving the cost performance of the LED display.

  • Seamless Assembly

    The Viewpointec mini LED display improves the product’s protection and reliability by adopting high-barrier thin-film encapsulation materials with excellent performance. The dustproof and waterproof grades reach the front IP54, with anti-static and anti-bumping effect.

  • Immersive Visual Experience

    The Viewpointec mini LED monitor incorporates the high dynamic range (HDR) display technology to present the most realistic image to the viewer, providing an immersive visual experience.

Turnkey Services - Design, Create, Manage

  • Unique Design Solutions from the Ground Up

    Unique Design Solutions from the Ground Up

    High-resolution shows, 3D video display, building frames, interactive systems and immersive environment—we can create out-of-the-box solutions for everything we do.

  • Interactive Control Systems to Bring Your Content to Life

    Interactive Control Systems to Bring Your Content to Life

    We develop our own unique control systems, providing shortcuts for any content-building experiences that reach beyond reality. Turnkey services are available anywhere on the planet.

  • Manage Your Building Installation

    Manage Your Building Installation

    We can provide on-site technical service for installation and routine inspections every 3-4 months to check the screen’s operation. Bringing you artistic and technical solutions, as well as assistance, to manage your tour, event or venue.

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