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Reinforce Your Brand, Captivate Your Customer

Solution for a Better Customer Experience

Catching the eyes of passengers means catching the opportunity of presenting your shop. LED digital signage provides your business with an opportunity to communicate your brand message in a unique, visual way that will captivate and engage your target audience.

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Why Choose Viewpointec for Retail

Vivid, high resolution giant screens, built to whatever configuration and design you want, help transform the retail space into an immersive, captivating brand platform.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the retail industry, including the fashion, sports, automotive and event sectors, we offer a one-stop turnkey solution - putting together the equipment, software and installation you need.

How the Viewpointec LED Display Updates Your Digital Media Strategy

  • Update Messaging

    Integrated controlling systems allow for an easy and updated message change. Working with architects, designers, engineers, A/V integrators, and consultants allows us to integrate LED display technology into any environment, anywhere.

  • Warm Greetings

    Greeting your customer is essential to create a unique, unforgettable retail and hospitality experience that drives revenue. Digital LED signage brings attention while creating an unforgettable customer experience.

  • Reinforce Brand Image

    Brand image can be rooted deeply with advertising displays​, signage, and billboards designed to attract attention and drive traffic into the store. It can also be used to advertise opening hours, parking information or to brand your company, your products, vision and values.

  • Attract Window Shoppers

    Creating an unforgettable first impression is the key to winning a loyal customer, and the right digital experience can significantly impact a customer’s spending, especially for those potential customers.

  • Special Sale and Event Killer

    In the cityscape, there is a jungle of visual impressions, and that makes it even more important to stand out if you wish to promote your new products or boost a special event. The messages that constantly change on the digital sign are ideal for the cityscape due to their ability to attract attention.

  • Easy Entertainment

    Configurable to fit almost any size, shape and curve your retail space requires. Countless possibilities enable you to compile the content for digital signs which will perfectly match your communicative needs.

Industry-Leading Retail Solutions

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    Flex: Nature Curved Modular Screen

    Innovative Flex led display brings limitless possibility to designers and architects. It is a bendable, ultra-slim, lightweight led technology that frees designers and architects to make their concepts stand out in unlimited installations. Flex LED screen is low-heat and energy efficient.

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    Flat: High-Resolution Content in Flat LED Screen

    Viewpointec fine pitch flat LED screen, is ideal for Broadcasts, museums, retail, theaters, corporate or event venues etc industries. With the Flat you can create an extraordinary design that wows audiences at the most creative locations. Pixel pitch options: 1.25mm, 1.667 mm, 1.923 mm, 2.5 mm and more.

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    LED technology is currently the most energy-efficient way to produce light with the lowest possible power consumption and waste heat output.

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