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Simulation Training LED Display

Visual displays in simulation training to provide unique training benefits and can be controlled by the visual display system.

Visual Display in Simulators

The visual display system's goal is to present a computer-generated image of the outer-world scene as the simulated vehicle controller would see at any given time. In simulation design, the LED display screen can be controlled by the visual display system.

Unique Training Benefits

A Recognized Simulating Solution

With more than 25 year's experience in LED simulator system, Viewpointec's dome solutions are tried and tested. The LED simulator system presents a low-risk solution that does not require further development. Furthermore, Viewpointec engineers and technicians have designed the screen for quick and easy installation. Magnetic locks can be realigned quickly and easily.

Reliability for Lower Labor Costs

One of the most prominent benefits of the Viewpointec LED screen is high reliability and long service life, with many actual device-hours of testing for LEDs establishing a median lifetime well in excess of 50,000 hours. The longer lifetime of LEDs equated to long real-life training experiences, such as the long travel on plane and exhausting fight in the jungle. It also means a lower cost of ownership by avoiding the material and labor costs related to regular scene changes.

Industry-Leading Simulator Display Solutions

  • AmFlexPro Series

    AmFlexPro Series

    Innovative Flex led display brings a limitless possibility to designers and architects. This flexible LED monitor is a bendable, ultra-slim, lightweight led technology that frees designers and architects to make their concepts stand out in unlimited installations. Flex LED screen is low-heat and energy-efficient.

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  • AmRigidPro Series

    AmRigidPro Series

    The AmRigidPro series are flat LED display, which allows a wide and smooth display of the content. The high resolution LED screen is light-weight but of premium quality,  providing a bright and vivid in front of audience.

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