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Special Irregular LED Screen Display Ideas

A light-emitting diode(LED) is a device that produces light when an electric current is applied to it. LED screen displays have been developed for showcasing several things like high-resolution images, videos, animations, and many more. In recent years, changes have occurred in LED displays, they are now coming in a variety of designs that are out of this world. Developing such designs requires an experienced manufacturer.

Some of the unique designs are circles, straps, floor hangings, and custom shapes. In this post, we look into these shapes and how they will benefit your brand.

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Round LED Display
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A circle or round LED is a display that is round in shape. They are built with a variety of features that facilitate their working in different environments. The round LED display is among the special irregular shapes and is applied in many ways. The technology used to develop circular LEDs is advanced. The technology types used are 7 segment circular LED display, 16-segment LED display, flexible module LED display, and 14-segment LED display. 

The circle LED screen display has several applications. They are such as casinos, airports, railway stations, malls, supermarkets, and so on. Their benefits include; it is eye-catching hence passers-by will be lured to purchase your products and services, can be used as sign boards for buildings, they have modern features, lastly, they are easy to set up. We can customize your round LED screen according to your specifications and deliver it to you on time.


Some LED displays are made in a strap shape. It is a very irregular way to build screens but they are very effective. Strap LED screens are so visible and alluring hence attracts so many customers to your brand and products. They are efficient in yielding the best return on investments. Straps are developed using a thin profile making them very flexible to be used in various settings such as in theaters, entertainment buildings, casinos, clubs, and many more.

They have several great features that contribute to their appeal, however, additional features can be included for more effect and uniqueness. Some of the popular properties are flashing lights that change colors and a fading effect. Their benefits are like they are energy-saving, very versatile, they are economical, very durable, and have an immense light output.

Floor Hanging

Floor LED Screen
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Floor hanging is another special irregular LED screen display idea. If you want to represent your brand innovatively, then this is one of the best ideas to choose from. They are very irresistible meaning it is a sure way of enticing your customers to your brand. Floor hangings are incorporated with many features that enable them to produce a mesmerizing effect on the audience. 

They are applicable in many places like simulation training, museums, cinemas, theaters, theme parks, and so on. Floor hanging LED displays have some benefits to the owner. These benefits are; they are built with cutting-edge designs, they are very captivating, they have great endurance, are very easy to install, and have various functions. It is a unique display idea that will promote your brand.

Custom Shape

If you want to stand out among your competitors then choosing a custom shape is the way to go. Custom shapes are designed just for you meaning that the display will eccentrically include all your requirements. The size, design, pixels, and other features will be according to your preference. The best type of LED screen to use for customization is the flexible LED display since it is very versatile permitting any design you may want to be included in your display.

Customization allows you to dream big and not limit yourself to the normal shapes. This leads to innovating unpredictable designs that will wow your customers while giving you an edge over your rivals. The custom shape can be used to create icons that represent your brand well, moreover, they can be used in any setting from entertainment, worship areas, media studios, schools, to retail.

At Viewpointec, we provide custom shape services of any size, also, our technology capability enables us to work on the most complex designs with the highest precision.


LED screen displays are a modern way of representing various content to audiences efficiently without boring them. Their attention span is elongated since the displays are very engaging and hypnotic. Choosing the shape of your displays is an important role that should not be taken lightly. For the best LED services and products, contact us at Viewpointec since we are the best in business.

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