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Broadcast&TV LED Screen

Backdrop screen for stage is super-bright and smart, which improves the quality of the images. With advanced technological development in LED screen stage backdrop, the display can be showed in any size or shape. The backdrop LED screen can be customized according to the visual objectives of the events. Broadcast LED screens can be customized in size and shape to provide the audience with a seamless visual experience.

The LED Video Screen Solution to Achieve High Audience Ratings

Take your studio to the next level with our innovative stage LED display. Order a large and flexible LED video wall to communicate with your viewers more efficiently or ask us for a new customized solution that fits your needs.

  • The LED Video Screen Solution to Achieve High Audience Ratings
  • The LED Video Screen Solution to Achieve High Audience Ratings
  • The LED Video Screen Solution to Achieve High Audience Ratings
  • The LED Video Screen Solution to Achieve High Audience Ratings

Why Flex LED Screens for Broadcast

  • HD Backdrop Image

    The perception of the show’s professionalism and credibility is influenced largely by the quality of the images. Our fine-pixel-pitch LED stage display screen can help.

  • Signal and Power Backup

    Continuous operation without interruptions, also reliability, calibration, and ease of adjustment (changing the color temperature and colorimetry when the studio lighting changes)—all these factors are of equal importance.

Overwhelming Visuals on Any Scale

Flexible Sizes, Shapes and Mounting Options

Extensive range of digital displays including transparent mesh screens, solid slim screens, curved displays, creative flexible displays, and interactive media floors, regardless of scale or complexity.

Remote power supply system, specially designed for our solutions, could be located up to max 15meters from the screen, extending the life of your LED screens and keeping the construction of the final product slim, lightweight, and compact.

  • Create custom-shaped screens in any size

  • Supporting structures and content management systems

Curved Displays Create a Sense of Depth

The modern audience may enjoy their screens, but that doesn’t mean you should completely discount the physical experience. Appeal to your customers in a way that engages their audio and visual senses as well as their physical sense of space.

An increasing number of TV studios are using curved LED screen to create an atmosphere of HD appeal. Curved screens can highlight the speaker visually, using convex or concave optimization.

Industry-Leading Broadcast Solutions

  • AmFlexPro Series

    AmFlexPro Series

    Innovative Flex led display brings a limitless possibility to designers and architects. This flexible LED monitor is a bendable, ultra-slim, lightweight led technology that frees designers and architects to make their concepts stand out in unlimited installations. Flex LED screen is low-heat and energy-efficient.

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  • AmRigidPro Series

    AmRigidPro Series

    The AmRigidPro series are flat LED display, which allows a wide and smooth display of the content. The high resolution LED screen is light-weight but of premium quality,  providing a bright and vivid in front of audience.

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