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Theme Park LED Displays

We customize LED distinctive, vivid, eye-catching and colorful displays in theme parks and movie complexes.

Solution to Keep Visitors Engaged While Increasing Revenue

As a manufacturer of custom LED screens, we thrive on the unique, colorful, eye-catching sign design and building opportunities that exist in the theme park and movie complexes. Whether your art department has designed a unique environment for a new or an existing attraction, or you’d like to supplement your art capacity by engaging our sign design professionals, Viewpointec has the experience and capability to excel.

Why LED Screen Is a Must for Amusement Park Entertainment


Digital signage for park display can help reduce the perceived waiting time by keeping the people in queues entertained. A strategically placed LED display board can be used to showcase videos and animations of popular cartoon characters or fascinate crowds with amazing illusions.


Keeping guests safe is a primary concern for any amusement park and there is no better medium to deliver safety instructions than a LED digital display board.

Digital signage is not only engaging when it comes to ensuring that the guests actually follow the instructions, but a visual medium also imparts the information more clearly than a printed board wherein an instruction may be misinterpreted by the reader.

Industry-Leading Theme Parks Display Solutions

  • AmFlexPro Series

    AmFlexPro Series

    Innovative Flex led display brings a limitless possibility to designers and architects. This flexible LED monitor is a bendable, ultra-slim, lightweight led technology that frees designers and architects to make their concepts stand out in unlimited installations. Flex LED screen is low-heat and energy-efficient.

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  • AmRigidPro Series

    AmRigidPro Series

    The AmRigidPro series are flat LED display, which allows a wide and smooth display of the content. The high resolution LED screen is light-weight but of premium quality,  providing a bright and vivid in front of audience.

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