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Custom LED Display Screen

With extensive experience in a diverse range of markets and applications, Viewpointec can ensure the development of a unique LED video wall, configured LED video wall, or a custom display that will match your exact requirements.

Any Shape in High Definition

Whether your project is a uniquely shaped architectural design, an interactive immersion experience, a collection of sharp curves or unique angles on the already-existing structures, Viewpointec has the capabilities and desire to deliver what you want.

  • G Clef
  • any shape LED screen in high definition
  • P6mm Varying Curved Staircases e1564481864872
  • P1.667mm Customiized Desk screen for ESPN studio Y e1564482081170
  • IMG 6195

Creative LED Solutions and Services

  • Projects large and small
    Perfect for indoor
  • Variety of pixel pitches
    Bespoke and custom designs

Viewpointec’s Creative LED Services give you the ability to think big, be bold and bring your concepts to life. Our experts, well versed in developing creative solutions, will work with you to discuss the concept of your project, timelines, budgets, design, site requirements and service/installation specifics.

Testings Applied

  • Screen Aging Testing 72 Hours

    Screen Aging Testing - 72 Hours

  • Color Calibration

    Color Calibration

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