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LED Dome, the New Release at NAB Show Steals the Spotlight

The NAB show 2019 showcased many innovative and promising products which were brought out in the world for the first time. Among these products was a vibrant LED dome was also exhibited, which caught the eye of many.

NAB Show, organized by National Association of Broadcasters, took place earlier this month. It takes place annually and acts as a platform for products related to media, entertainment, and technology. The show has been held regularly for more than a decade. Like every year, this year too, many products rose to the spotlight. These included innovative screens, recorders, entertainment gadgets, and cameras. This year’s event witnessed more than 10,000 attendees from more than 160 countries and over 1,700 exhibitors.  The event showcased gadgets and technologies from gaming, mixed reality, online video, radio, television, streaming, and VR among others.

Many brands used the opportunity at NAB Show to exhibit their high-tech products that gave a new perspective to media, entertainment and, content. Among these was the LED Dome.

The LED Dome gained applause at the NAB show for its innovative design structure, low voltage supply, and long lifespan. The LED globe uses only a unique power system and is very safe to install and maintain. The dome is made of several LEDs of different sizes. Its most distinguishing features include higher brightness, better contrast ratio, and effective temperature rise. The dome is fitted with self-heat dissipation technology, which ensures long durability of the dome.

To ensure optimum safety, the dome has AC – DC solution that supports both strong and weak electrical signals. This keeps the dome functioning of the display without any interruptions. The dome operates without producing any kind of noise. The content is mapped intelligently to map the uniformity on the uniquely shaped screen of the globe. As we move from the globe’s equator to its poles, the pitch of the pixels is reduced to compensate for the decrease in the area. The image on display is hence scaled in varying ratios as per the latitude.

The dome is supported by frames and panels on to which the LEDs are attached.

Many technically savvy attendees at the show appreciated the LED Dome exhibit for its seamless large display that challenged the conventional designs of large displays. The screens in the LED Dome have a fine resolution of 1.25 mm, which is also the highest resolution for a LED Dome in the world. Providing a 360-degree angle, the display provides a color contrast ratio of 5000:1. Crafted with module design, its curves are smooth, seamless and impressive from the first glance as well as from close observation.

The dome presented a new way of viewing content and highlighted the need to bring a change in the conventional content display systems. In fact, every product at the NAB show is ground-breaking and inspires people to think out of the box.

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